I’m a multidisciplinary designer with a background in Graphic Design.

I worked for about 7 years mainly in advertising and branding. During that time I worked at +Castro Innovation House combining advertising, cutting edge technologies and design skills to offer breakthrough ideas for brands in digital and physical spaces. After this I became part of the MTV World Creative Studio based in Buenos Aires, a multidisciplinary creative team focused on enhancing the MTV audience’s experience across almost 150 channels worldwide, designing MTV rebrands, products, new brands, promos, online and offline experiences.

Since 2017 I am at WeWork, working as Manager for the Art & Graphics team for Latin América South, an in-house environmental graphic design team, creating custom art for WeWork offices, globally, as an extension of the Interior Design department. Much of our work includes murals, paintings, neon, wallpaper, rug designs and curating independent artist’s work into our spaces.

I truly believe the work I do in art, design and communication is key to the human experience of a brand. What I most enjoy is collaborating with designers, architects, artists, ingeneers, developers and creatives, because it nurtures my mind and only great things can come from a multidisciplinary approach in design.

On the personal side, I play music, played rugby for 20 years, married to Guadalupe and enjoy travel.

Design & Art Direction

Currently @ WeWork - Art & Graphics Manager LatAm South.

Worked with

Google, Disney, MTV, Viacom, WeWork, Nike, Doritos, Mondelez, Gillete, Phillip Morris, Nestle.


HAUS 2019 - Art Direction  Trimarchi 2018 — WeWork
UP 2018 — WeWork