Transform Today

Secuential creativity.

A group of artists was summoned to participate in a chain of creative transformation that culminated in an experiential gallery of multidisciplinary and collaborative art.

The artists Fabian Zitta, Sol Abadi, RRAA, Costhanzo, Dani Umpi, Tremor, Trimarchi and SRZ, worked from 0 hours on Thursday, May 8, sequentially, starting from the iconic bottle of vodka. Each one of them, was inspired by the work of the previous artists and transformed it. As a result they created garments, photographs, illustrations, literary texts, musical and audiovisual themes.

Creative Director: Nicolás Pimentel – Producer: PoLee Del Bosco – Creative Team: Dario Rodriguez, Francesco Vicenzi – Design: Nacho Varone

Production Company: Sake